Able Made Go-Getter: Joy Bryant

Go-Getter Joy Bryant is a force. Of living to the fullest. Of happiness. Of giving back.

Whether she’s preparing for a film or series, working on her lifestyle brand Basic Terrain or working as an Ambassador for Oxfam, Joy's life is filled with go. As an Actor/Designer/Writer/Oxfam Ambassador, she is a hyphenate of getting it done, and we’re proud to highlight some of her take-no-prisoners steps in our bold socks. 


"I'm inspired by the desire to help people".

What makes you a Go-Getter?

The realization that life is too damn short.

What inspires you to create an impact?

The desire to help people. People helped me. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am without that help.

What keeps driving your passion forward?

The pursuit of happiness.

Joy, a self-proclaimed “lover of camouflage,” steps into the light in our our Able Made Haute Step Camo socks as well as our JA Stripes socks, benefiting the next generation of Go-Getters via The Ucal McKenzie Breakaway Foundation.

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Photography: Jennifer Rocholl | Hair/Make Up: Danielle Rotella