Able Made Go-Getter: Carmen Perez

Go-Getter Carmen Perez takes big, bold steps in social activism.

A Renaissance woman in social activism, Carmen Perez has dedicated herself to many important civil rights issues for the past 20 years and counting. Through her work promoting peace, civil rights, juvenile justice, confronting police violence, and more, Carmen has become a much needed voice of reform. Carmen’s most recent role is as the National Co-Chair of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, a movement that drew over 5 million people across the globe to march in resistance of hatred and bigotry, affirming women of all identities’ rights as human beings. She is currently Executive Director at Gathering for Justice.

We are incredibly proud she accepted our invitation to be an Able Made Go-Getter.

“The impact that I make, whether small or large scale, must have an entry point for others who may not have the same access that I have.”

What makes you a Go-Getter?

The sacrifices that I and my family have made. I've experienced a lot of loss. Given the opportunities and access I've been blessed with, it's my responsibility to open doors for others! I don't have the option of doing nothing - my humanity doesn't allow me to be a bystander.

What inspires you to create an impact?

My interactions with people from various walks of life and the different opportunities I've had.In a time when so much injustice is happening around us, I feel it's important for me, given my life experiences, it's only right to be intentional, inclusive, and impactful. The impact that I make, whether small or large scale, must have an entry point for others who may not havethe same access that I have.

What keeps driving your passion forward?

Life! Simply that. We only have one to life - we have to make it worthwhile.

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Photography: Jennifer Rocholl | Hair/Make Up: Danielle Rotella