Able Made Go-Getter: Jessica Melore


With her no-quit approach to adversity and a generous spirit when it comes to lifting others, we’re proud to feature Jessica Melore. Jessica is an award-winning international motivational speaker, writer, patient expert and public health advocate. After surviving a near-fatal heart attack and leg amputation at age 16, she became a heart transplant recipient, and three-time cancer survivor.

Named one of Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women of 2002, Jessica received Princeton University’s award at graduation for representing Princeton’s motto “Princeton in the nation’s service and in the service of humanity.” She has worked in the non-profit/healthcare field for many years and is an advocate and ambassador on behalf of numerous causes. If that’s not enough, Jessica is board member and founding member of Harboring Hearts, a non-profit dedicated to provide emotional and financial well-being to heart patients and their families.

Thank you for joining us as an Able Made Go-Getter, Jessica! 



"I made a decision to live my life with as much joy and purpose as I could."

What makes you a Go-Getter?

I’ve always gone after my dreams, but I didn’t realize what I was really capable of until survived a near fatal heart attack at 16, a heart transplant, leg amputation, and three bouts of cancer. I survived against all odds, and after seeing how fleeting life could be, I made a decision to live my life with as much joy and purpose as I could, help others do it too. I saw how sharing my story as a motivational speaker and writer could help others, no matter what they’d been through in life. I’ve also been an advocate and ambassador for many non-profits and worked in the health field throughout my career.


What inspires you to create an impact?

What inspires me is the spirit of patients and caregivers I’ve met along the way. People who hang on every day as they wait for an organ transplants – a second chance at life that might never come. Cancer warriors who keep up the fight. People with disabilities who defy society’s expectations every day. Caregivers like my parents, who slept every night in my hospital room. So many people who continue to hope, and fight the daily battles that could easily bring them down. I’ve been there, and I could never turn my back on them or the support they need.


What keeps your passion moving forward?

Seeing the difference one person can make. In a world of billions, and especially living in a city like New York, it can be easy to feel insignificant. But we’re all capable of making an impact, even at the smallest level. Smiling, holding the door, giving a stranger a compliment can turn someone’s day around, and maybe inspire them to pass it on.



One person can save or enhance the lives up to 50 people through organ and tissue donation. One person can get 5 friends to help a grassroots movement spread. The challenges I’ve faced have forced me to be creative and unconventional in pursuing my goals, and that has opened my eyes to opportunities I never knew were possible.


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Photography: Anastasiya Sergienya | Hair/Make Up: Justine Sierakowski